Intervention orders

What is an intervention order

An intervention order is one of many ways used to help protect the public and our community. It sets out to protect a person from a defendant by limiting contact.

Each order has its own conditions about what type of contact is allowed. Intervention orders can be requested to protect anybody in the community including victims, prisoners, and friends and family.

DCS responsibilities

If a prisoner is protected by an intervention order and someone who has been ordered not to contact that prisoner sends mail, tries to visit or phone DCS will not accept the mail, we will cancel the visit booking and we will not forward phone call messages.

If a prisoner has been ordered not to communicate or contact someone (the prisoner is the defendant) by an intervention order DCS will not allow the mail to be sent, visits to be booked or phone calls to be made.

If a prisoner is mentioned in an intervention order that prevents contact or communication either as the protected person or as the defendant then we will not accept mail, visits or phone messages from the other people on the order.

Intervention orders include money transfers

Transferring funds into a prisoner's account is classed as a communication and will not be permitted if there is an intervention order preventing contact between two people.

DCS will notify the police if we identify any breaches of a intervention order.