Home Detention conditions and supervision


A Home Detention agreement must be signed by the offender and will include conditions such as:

  • drug use being banned – medically prescribed drugs are permitted
  • alcohol not being consumed
  • not entering licensed premises
  • gambling is not permitted, and
  • possessing a firearm is banned – and they must agree to gunshot residue testing.

If the home detainee does not have employment or structured activities (such as an education course) then they may be required to do community service.

A home detainee can only live at an approved residence.


All home detainees are supervised by community corrections.

The level of supervision will depend upon the conditions set and the current regime of the home detainee.

Supervision can include:

  • Visits – the Home Detainee will be visited by their Community Corrections Officer or an Intensive Compliance Officer at the home at any time of the day or night. The Officer has the authority to enter the premises unhindered and conduct drug or alcohol testing.
  • Telephone calls – the Community Corrections Officer can telephone the home and speak to the Home Detainee at any time of the day or night.
  • Visual checks – the Community Corrections Officer may conduct checks at any time of the day or night to ensure that the Home Detainee is at the nominated place (the home, work, or any other approved location).
  • Electronic monitoring – a GPS enabled device that transmits its location may be placed upon the Home Detainee’s ankle.
  • Continuous assessment – compliance with all Home Detention Conditions will be monitored, and progress with existing plans, goals and programs recorded.
  • Attendance at a Community Corrections – the Home Detainee may be required to attend a Community Corrections Centre for supervision. This may be at an agreed regular appointment – or made by request. They may also be directed to attend at short notice for random drug and alcohol testing.


A person on Home Detention must not leave the residence without prior approval.

If urgent medical treatment is required the 24hr Monitoring Centre must be contacted on 1300 796 199.