Before you book a visit

Domestic visitors need to be pre-approved by DCS

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Nominated Visitors

How to book a visit

Domestic visits are organised by the visitor contacting the prison directly

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booking a visit

Before you go to the visit

Be prepared. Learn what you need take with you.

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prepare for your visit

Taking property to prisoners

Property should only be taking if it has been approved in advanced

bringing property
to prisoner visits

Taking children to a visit

Children of all ages can accompany an adult visitor

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child visitors

Your first visit to a prison

Initial checks and ID verification you must pass - and advice

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to expect on your first visit

Arriving at prison

Security, scans and searches

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entering a prison

The visit

Advice on facilities, routines, rules and conduct

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during a visit

After your visit to a prison

What happens as you leave - and where to get help and advice

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support after your visit

Prisoner Domestic Visit Bookings Pilot

DCS is running a pilot where prisoners book their own domestic visits at selected prisons

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