Home Detention Integrated Support Services Program [HISSP]

HISSP provides support services for eligible clients on home detention.
The program can help with a combination of support within the following areas:

  • support to find suitable housing
  • alcohol and drug misuse
  • mental health
  • gambling
  • financial counselling
  • independent living skills
  • domestic violence and family relationships
  • community connectedness.

Generally placements are up to 3 months in duration with extensions determined on a needs basis. Referrals to this program are made when offenders are being considered for home detention, either from prison or through the courts.

Intake and assessment will take place through the HISSP provider and then referrals for additional  will be made.
Support can be either be:

  • 'one on one'
  • in group support
  • or both.

This program is funded by DCS and operated by Offender Aid and Rehabilitation Service [OARS].