Checks and screening

Screening and criminal history checks

DCS Executive Services provides a centralised and consistent approach to the screening and assessment of criminal history records for all volunteers in accordance with DCS obligations in relation to vulnerable people.

Consent forms

Prospective volunteers have responsibility to sign an appropriate consent forms for:

  • a criminal history check
  • Child-related Employment Screening.

The forms will be provided to you during the recruitment process.

The process will be undertaken by the department at our expense. It usually takes 28 days to process. The results are sent to the department and you will not receive a copy of the results.

The suitability or otherwise of your General Employment Probity Check and Child-related Employment Screening Form, will be determined by DCS.

A past mistake does not necessarily preclude potential volunteers being involved but certain offence types may preclude direct involvement with offenders. This is decided by our Chief Executive.

Referee checks

Screening may also involve referee checks with non-family members such as employer or organisations you have volunteered with previously.

If you require any further information or have concerns about the criminal history checking process contact the Volunteer Unit.