All visitors need to report to the main reception area of the prison on arrival. These are clearly signposted.

Arrive in good time

Clearing security can take some time as there may be a queue of other visitors waiting to be processed.

Searches and security

Upon arrival you will have to pass an ID Check.
Your first visit will take longer as:

  • we need to conduct the 100 point ID check
  • you will be required to enroll in our biometric system.

Please bring photo ID to all visits.

Electronic and X-ray machines will be used to scan you and your belongings.
IonScan devices that can detect microscopic particles of drugs or explosives may be used.
If the IonScanner returns a positive result you will not be allowed access to the prison.
A low 'positive' result may result in further questioning and search procedures.

Visitors with medical conditions (such as pace maker or metal implant) that prevent them passing through any of these devices will need to get approval prior to their visit.

You may be searched with a hand held metal detector – or a limited contact (pat) search may be conducted.
Visitors will not be stripped searched by DCS.

Trained security dogs may also be present – they are often used to detect contraband.
Vehicles may also be searched.

Prison Security

We take the security of our institutions and facilities very seriously.
If you refuse to co-operate you will not be allowed to enter the prison.

If you have possession of a prohibited item in a prison or in a prison buffer zone, you may be charged. Prison buffer zones are all government-owned land surrounding a Correctional Institution, including the visitor car parks.

If you are found to have contraband or any restricted item:

  • the police [SAPOL] may be called – and they may charge you
  • your visit may be made a non-contact visit, or you may be refused entry to the prison
  • you may be restricted from visiting for a specified period of time.

Security Managers regularly review the biometric data, and the list of visitors approved to use the bypass doors.

Securing personal items

There are secure facilities to leave personal items such as car keys, and items that security deem inappropriate to be brought into the prison.
Some prisons have a locker system that require a $1 coin – which is returned after the visit.

Mobile phones are banned at all prisons.

Money is not allowed into most of our prisons.

A small amount of money will be permitted at some of the low security prisons that have a vending machine in the visiting area.