The Transport Program

Many prisoners and offenders struggle to get to scheduled appointments. They could have limited social support, limited financial means and limited life skills. Some may live in remote locations or have physical disabilities and require assistance.

Volunteers in the Transport Program play an important role by providing practical support and emotional guidance.

This is particularly beneficial at high stress appointments such as court appearances and job interviews.

This program is very successful in preventing prisoners and offenders from reoffending or breaching conditions due to missing appointments.

Prisoners and offenders are assessed before being offered this support program.

This volunteer role provides an important communication link between the offender and their Case Manager, making sure that they are receiving the support they need from the department.

Volunteers in the Transport Program help prisoners and offenders in the community get to support appointments.

These can be:

  • work related medical appointments
  • job interviews
  • job network agencies
  • rehabilitation programs
  • supervision appointments
  • housing appointments, and
  • attending the DSC/SAAFL Prisoner Umpiring program.

The transport program also includes helping prisoners and offenders use public transport.

Prisoners and offenders interested in this program can contact their case manager or their social worker if they have one.