Aboriginal Liaison Officers (ALO) contribute to the implementation of the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. They work at designated prison and community corrections centres to provide assistance to Aboriginal prisoners and offenders.

They also act as a point of contact and a resource for families of Aboriginal prisoners and offenders.

Aboriginal Liaison Officers maintain close working relationships with many of our other staff, and the community groups and support agencies who promote the welfare of Aboriginal prisoners and offenders. They can also provide advice, support and follow-up services.

They are also active in the training and professional development of our staff and promoting awareness of issues affecting Aboriginal people and in particular Aboriginal offenders.

Assistance with Home Detention and Supervised Bail

The Aboriginal Liaison Officer will attend initial interviews with Aboriginal offenders.

This is to make sure that the conditions and the obligations are fully understood.

They will help with:

  • making sure that the process is explained in a manner that the Aboriginal offender can understand
  • ensuring the offender knows what they are required to do, and
  • ensuring they are aware of the consequences of a breach.

Due to the language barriers acknowledgement is by verbal feedback.

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