How we help Aboriginal prisoners


Forums chaired by the DCS Chief Executive are held every six weeks in different prisons.

They are an important part of our commitment to the Prevention of Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (PADIC) and began after the Royal Commission was held into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

The forums focus on reducing reoffending and ensuring that Aboriginal prisoners are given the opportunity to communicate any issues they are having or experiencing.

Who can attend these forums

Aboriginal prisoners in the prison that the forum is located. Invitations are also provided to the external service providers who work with the relevant prisons.

Aboriginal Liaison Officers are also invited along with any other relevant staff who work in appropriate areas.

Raising concerns at the forum

Aboriginal prisoners are encouraged to raise any of their concerns with their Aboriginal Liaison Officer in the first instance. They will help get the appropriate response and help particularly in urgent matters.

The Aboriginal Liaison Officer can also advise if the concern is appropriate for discussion at the forum.

Aboriginal prisoners are then recommended that they discuss the problem with a group to establish common concerns and issues.

Aboriginal prisoners can access support services, programs and groups by asking their Aboriginal Liaison Officer.

Members of the public

Members of the public cannot attend the forums unless they are invited as part of an external service provider.

As community members the public can raise issues with the Chief Executive of The Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement.

For more information please contact the Aboriginal Services Unit.