Application Process for research opportunities

All research undertaken by either an individual or organisation must have approval by the Research and Evaluation Management Committee (REMC).

In light of COVID-19, REMC will review new research applications on an ad hoc basis and therefore the meetings listed below may not be accurate for the interim future. Responses will be provided to you as soon as they can be collated.

We respectfully request that you are mindful of this unprecedented situation and are patient with receiving your responses.

Commencement or continuation of research with DCS, will not be possible at this stage.

Applicants are requested to review the REMC Information Package for Applicants and follow the application process as outlined in the document.

All research applicants must complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form. If the EOI is supported in principle, the applicant will then be asked to complete and submit the Full Application Form (Appendix B).

Further detail regarding the application process can be found in the REMC Information Package for Applicants.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they follow the process as stated in the REMC Information Package for Applicants.

Before submitting an application, applicants are advised to review:

2020 Meeting dates

Application Closing Date Meeting Date
22 January 2020 5 February 2020
4 March 2020 18 March 2020
15 April 2020 29 April 2020
28 May 2020 11 June 2020
9 July 2020 23 July 2020
20 August 2020 3 September 2020
1 October 2020 15 October 2020
12 November 2020 26 November 2020

Please note that REMC meeting dates are subject to change.
Applicants are advised to contact to confirm REMC meeting dates.


All applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the committee meeting. Applications can be submitted to

Applicants are requested not to approach the individual sites or individual correctional staff members with their research proposal.


  • Download: Research and Evaluation Agenda 2019-2022 (2.3 MB PDF)
  • Download: Research and Evaluation Framework.pdf (759.4 KB PDF)
  • Download: Research and Evaluation Management Committee TOR.pdf (448.1 KB PDF)
  • Download: REMC Information Package for Applicants (201.2 KB PDF)
  • Download: Appendix A - Expression of Interest Form (38.0 KB DOC)