Women with infants and children

On Admission

We will ask women if they have children, and if so – if the child or children are safe, if they are alone, or if they need support.

Women are able to contact an approved individual to arrange the care of their child or children. If they are unable to get in contact with this person DCS will make contact with the relevant authorities to arrange a check on the child or children's wellbeing.

Phone calls

Women will also be asked to register the contact details of people they wish to contact whilst in prison. This list can include children.

Child visits

The names and contact details of the children who the prisoner intends to have visit them while in prison.

DCS will need to screen the application form to ensure that the prisoner is allowed access to the children. Once the list is approved the prisoner can have schedule visits.

Visits can be organised to happen


Prisoners should advise staff when they enter prison if they are breastfeeding.

SA Health and the South Australian Prisoner Health Service are able to help develop a plan for the prisoner.

Health checks

DCS is committed to ensuring a prisoner's health and wellbeing while in prison.

Within 24 hours of admission the prisoner will be seen SA Prison Health Service staff where they will be able to find out what services are available.

It is the prisoner's responsibility to make contact and bookings to see medical staff, and to follow their advice.

Social work services

Social workers are able to assist with the care and placement of children while the woman is in prison.

Support can include:

  • advice around access to children
  • advice about special visit arrangements such as to organise breastfeeding
  • help with contacting other support agencies such as Housing SA, or
  • assisting with information on your rights and responsibilities.