Research and evaluation framework

Within the context of DCS’s vision, mission and values, the Research and Evaluation Framework (R&EF) sets out the organisation’s research context, structures and principles to support decision-making for sustained and developmental improvement. The Framework aims to establish a more strategic and collaborative evidence-based approach to correction’s policy development and practice.

The key purpose to the department’s research and evaluation effort is to help understand and anticipate emerging correctional issues and challenges and – importantly, help to determine which interventions (policy and practice) are most successful, why they are successful, and what might work in the future.

The Framework provides the foundation and context for DCS’s Research Agenda and reflects the growing importance that research and evaluation is assuming within our department as well as a commitment to evidence based policy and practice as a basis for effective outcomes.

The Framework plays an integral part toward the department’s longer-term goal of applying insight gained from research and evaluation activity to delivering change that will benefit the community as well as impact outcomes related to the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders.


  • Download: Research and Evaluation Agenda 2019-2022 (2.3 MB PDF)
  • Download: Research and Evaluation Framework.pdf (759.4 KB PDF)
  • Download: Research and Evaluation Management Committee TOR.pdf (448.1 KB PDF)
  • Download: REMC Information Package for Applicants (201.2 KB PDF)
  • Download: Appendix A - Expression of Interest Form (307.0 KB DOC)