In accordance with section 81E of the Correctional Services Act 1982, notice is given that an award of damages has been made to Bruno Tassone in a claim against the State. Award monies have been paid into the Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund, where it will be held until legal proceedings are finally determined, initially 12 months.

Victims in relation to criminal acts of Bruno Tassone are invited to seek further information from the Chief Executive, Department for Correctional Services, South Australia. To do so, please contact the Chief Executive by writing to GPO Box 1747, Adelaide SA 5001.

10 BY 20

A 10% reduction in reoffending by 2020

'Reducing re-offending: 10% by 2020' targets a 10% reduction in the number of people who re-enter correctional services by 2020.

The State Government has released the ‘Reducing Reoffending: 10% by 2020’ State Government Response and Action Plan, which marks a landmark change in correctional services policy, aimed at improving community safety. The report and brochure can be found below.

Currently in South Australia, 46% of those released from prison will return to corrective services within two years.

This strategy aims to stem the growth of our prison system.

A Strategic Policy Panel panel has been tasked with providing independent advice on the development of a three-year reform strategy.

The strategy will promote a whole-of-government and community commitment to offender rehabilitation and reintegration, and be informed by internation best practice.

The 10 by 20 Strategic Policy Panel have handed down their recommendations on achieving a 10% reduction in reoffending by 2020. Please see the report below.

 10by20 Response and Action Plan.pdf
 10 by 20 Media Release.pdf
 DCS 10 by 20 Brochure.pdf
 10 by 20 Strategic Policy Panel Report.pdf


 Department for Correctional Services Digital Strategy Overview.pdf


A message from the Chief Executive

The Department for Correctional Services has an important role in the criminal justice system in South Australia. This is reflected in the Department’s vision for:

"A safer community by protecting the public and reducing re-offending."

Most persons in custody will be released back into the community and many offenders supervised in the community following a court order will hopefully never go to prison. It is a key strategy that offenders under supervision by the Department are offered meaningful and targeted opportunities to address their offending behaviour to break the cycle of crime. This obviously needs to occur within a safety and security framework in prisons as well as for those under community supervision.

The Department employs more than 1600 staff and has responsibility for nine prisons and seventeen Community Correctional offices across the state. We strongly promote diversity and equity in our workforce, which directly contributes to greater effectiveness and better outcomes. The continued improvement of staff and organisational development is critical to achieving positive results for the community. That is our commitment. We are actively encouraging motivated people to seek a career with the Department. Please visit the employment section of this web site for relevant links to position and application information.

We are always interested to receive feedback and suggestions and are also happy to provide additional information about our organisation to interested people. Please use the “contact us” section of this site. We hope you find our web-site interesting and informative.


Please click the link below to download the 2014-2016 DCS Strategic Partnerships Engagement Framework

 DCS Strategic Partnerships Engagement Framework.pdf