Victims of Crime submissions to the Parole Board

Victims can make submissions to the Parole Board for consideration.

Registered Victims

Written submissions are invited from victims who are registered with the Department for Correctional Services or victims who have contacted the board independently.

Victims may make submissions to the board in person by prior arrangement.

These submissions are considered when the Parole Board is making a determination in relation to an application for parole or when setting conditions for the release of a prisoner.

Safety of victims

Where there is a known victim of an offence, a condition of parole prohibits the offender from contacting the victim of his/her crime.

Victims may request that the board set particular further conditions in relation to where an offender resides, or places the offender should not attend such as towns, shopping centres, and educational facilities.

Further information can be found on the DCS Victim Services page.