Parole Board membership

Parole Board members are appointed by the Governor in Executive Council for a term of up to three years and may be eligible for reappointment.

The board comprises nine members and one deputy member. All members of the board are appointed in a part time capacity.

The membership of the Board is defined by law:

  • The Presiding Member (Chairperson) is required to be either, a judge of the Supreme Court or District Court or a person who has extensive knowledge of and experience in the science of criminology, penology or any related science
  • Two members are appointed as Deputy Presiding Member
  • One member must be a qualified medical practitioner with extensive knowledge of, and experience in, psychiatry
  • One member must be a qualified social worker or sociologist
  • One member must have extensive knowledge and experience in matters related to the impact of crime on victims and the needs of victims of crime
  • One member must be a person of Aboriginal descent
  • One member must be a former Police Officer

There are two additional deputy (occasional) members appointed to replace a member who is unable to attend a Board meeting.

Members as at September 2018

Ms Frances Nelson QC - Presiding Member - Barrister

Mr Tim Bourne - Deputy Presiding Member - Legal Practitioner

Mr Stephen Ey - Deputy Presiding member - Legal Practitioner

Dr Maria Naso - Member - Psychiatrist

Ms Katherine McLachlan - Member - Victim representative

Mr Garth Dodd - Member - Aboriginal member

Ms Sue Macdonald - Member - Social Worker

Ms Anne Bloor - Member - Social worker

Mr Denis Edmonds - Deputy Member - Retired Police Officer

Mr Andrew Kyprianou - Deputy Member - Retired Social Worker

Mr Kevin Hill - Deputy Member – Retired Parole Board Secretary