In October 2019, the State Government funded the Department for Correctional Services (DCS) to implement iSAFE.

iSAFE is aimed at improving security, reducing reoffending and supporting safer communities by replacing existing ICT legacy systems (Green and White JIS) with a system that will support end-to-end case management in the South Australian correctional system.

iSAFE aims to provide the highest level of safety and security for community, victims, staff and offenders by:

  • Transforming the way prisoners and offenders are managed as they move through the correctional system between custody and community.
  • Providing a consistent, continuity of service to prisoners and offenders that will improve rehabilitation outcomes and reduce reoffending.
  • Improving security, reducing reoffending and supporting safer communities.
  • Implementing a powerful ICT system that will deliver improved rehabilitation outcomes for prisoners and offenders, while also providing better intelligence and information sharing across the department.
  • Enabling secure data and information exchange across the department and with justice partners and service providers to improve offender management, case planning and coordination, and
  • Strengthening intelligence sharing to strengthen responses to organised crime and threats to cyber and national security.

Key program principles are:

  • Offender centric – planning centred on the person
    Case management that is responsive to the diversity and complexity of our offender population including culture, gender, capability, length of sentence and assessed risk.
  • A balance of risk and rehabilitation
    Each Case Plan reflects the offender’s risk and rehabilitation priorities and is goal oriented and outcome focused.
  • From entry to exit
    Outcomes focused and goal oriented, rather than taking a task, process or risk management only approach.
  • Every offender gets a plan
    Both sentenced and unsentenced offenders get a case plan so that resourcing and responses can be targeted to those at highest risk of reoffending, the highest risk to community safety and the highest risk to themselves.
  • Evidence based decision making
    A user-centric system that pulls the right data at the right time for reliable and evidencebased decision-making.
  • Digitised Case Management
    Improved information access and storage and digitisation by default.
  • Automated and streamlined workflows creating improved work efficiencies
    Support business efficiencies by reducing work duplication and manual processing.

The iSAFE IT solution will:

  • Improve the quality of intelligence to enable more effective protective security.
  • Enable rehabilitation and reduce recidivism through effective case management.
  • Support information sharing to ensure safer decision making.
  • Strengthen cyber security, and
  • Reduce the risk and cost of ICT service provision.

It expected that the first stage of iSAFE​ will be complete by 2023/24 with further enhancements rolled out by 2026/27.

The Department has created an iSAFE page on our website for regular updates as iSAFE progresses.

If you or your organisation would like to receive regular updates on iSAFE’s progress or be engaged in iSAFE consultations, please email

Annette McKee
Executive Director
iSAFE and End to End Case Management

You can download this news item: Stakeholder iSAFE Program Update - September 2020 (501.3 KB PDF)