With 2020 at an end, I am writing to provide a year closeout update on iSAFE news and progress.

As you are aware, the Department is planning the replacement of the legacy JIS system over the next 2-3 years and alongside this, progressing a more innovative end-to-end (E2E) case management (CM) approach enabled by the new IT system.

The core iSAFE team is now established and areas/workstreams include:

  • The iSAFE Program Management Office (PMO) – monitoring iSAFE project activity and the project schedule;
  • E2E Business Model Project – development of a CM Policy Framework, business mapping and identification of business reform opportunities;
  • Data Strategy & Transition Planning Project – scoping current and future data requirements to support offender planning and evidence-based decision making;
  • iSAFE IT Procurement Project – progressing an Invitation to Supply with shortlisted suppliers; and
  • ICT Planning & Implementation – scoping and planning IT activity to support the new system.

This project is currently prioritising the mapping of ‘As-Is’ offender and case management processes (supported by White and Green JIS), identifying opportunities for business improvement and a more integrated end-to-end service response across the corrections system.

The business lead for E2E business transformation is Ms Hayley Mills, Executive Director, Community Corrections and Specialist Prisons is the Project Sponsor.

Our current focus

Finding the best system to replace JIS and collecting all relevant information – business and technical, to best inform and evaluate potential supplier responses.

An ‘Expression of Interest’ was released in mid-September and the DCS evaluation team has evaluated supplier responses. This has resulted in a shortlisting of suppliers who have been invited to the next stage (Invitation to Supply) which we will be taking forward for further evaluation and testing.

Our plan is to undertake product evaluations over 2021 with the aim of engaging the successful supplier late in the year. Work will then commence on configuring the new system in 2022 with a likely rollout later that year into 2023.

Regular updates will be provided as we progress to keep you informed.

How to get involved in iSAFE

If you would like to register your interest or receive further information on the iSAFE program, please contact us at DCSiSAFE@sa.gov.au.

The program is keeping a register of interested parties wanting to get involved which is reviewed regularly as opportunities evolve or planning workshops are organised.

Yours sincerely,

Annette McKee
Executive Director
iSAFE and End to End Case Management

You can download this news item: Stakeholder iSAFE Program Update - December 2020 (208 KB PDF)