Adelaide Women's Prison officially opened a special healing circle for prisoners recently.

The creation of the Healing Circle has been a shared project inspired by a vision to create a meeting place within AWP that expresses healing, common ownership and community connection.

This healing circle was completed with a Community Cultural Development grant from the Port Adelaide Enfield Council. Thanks to Aunty Pat was the person who originally made the link between AWP, Seeds of Affinity and Port Adelaide Enfield Council.

Seeds of Affinity introduced the prison to mosaic artist Maggie McCabe who has worked with the women to produce some wonderful mosaic designs which have been placed on the outside of the circle.

Underpinning the creation of the Healing Circle was a very strong group of Aboriginal women who met over many months on a Monday morning. The women have spent Monday mornings yarning and creating and bringing meaning to the circle and artwork.

A number of women in the AWP Living Skills Unit (LSU) were key to the actual building the Healing Circle. Thanks to Steve Graham from Carey Training Civil Construction along with  Michael Hawkes and Scott Willis who helped the women get organised with the pebbles and planting and on getting the mosaics glued on.

During Naidoc Week the prison was very lucky to have Uncle Moogie Sumner come and hold an initial smoking ceremony in the circle. Hepatitis SA also undertook a few sessions during the week with the women and gave their mosaics a further push, bringing in some beautiful sparkly tiles.

The involvement and support of everyone has been key to this project's success. The space will provide a fantastic  meeting place for prisoners.

Thanks goes to Seeds of Affinity who managed the funds and enabled the prison to source the grant and who worked closely with AWP in driving the original vision.