In May 2020, we released the Department’s COVID-19 transition plan A New Way Forward - The New ‘Business as Usual' for DCS.

A New Way Forward is a strategic framework that will enable the Department to make transparent decisions based on a defined set of principles and utilising a risk management approach.

Following an assessment process, the Department has endorsed priority one, two and three key DCS business activities scheduled to recommence during June and July 2020.

The following are Priority One activities and have undergone a comprehensive risk assessment, operational planning and were approved to commence from 13 June 2020.

  • Aboriginal Services Unit Programs
  • Rehabilitation Programs Branch programs
  • Sentence Management Unit undertaking HRAT and other assessments
  • Offender Drug and Alcohol testing across Community Corrections and prisons
  • Offender Community Service / Repay SA
  • Prisoner Community Work Programs at Adelaide Pre-release Centre and Cadell Training Centre
  • Better Prisons Program – Yatala Labour Prison and Port Augusta Prison benchmarking
  • Cadell Pumphouse – reopening in accordance with community restrictions.

The following are Priority Two activities;

  • Engagement activities around the Women Offenders Action Plan
  • SMU face to face IDP Assessments
  • Home Detention Committee processes
  • S68 Parolee Restrictions
  • Visiting Inspectors/Tribunals
  • Vocational training
  • Country Fire Service - CTC
  • Community Corrections - Intake process
  • Community Corrections - Face to face reporting for Assist and Monitor tier
  • Community Corrections - Home visits for Assist and Monitor tier
  • Community Corrections - Reflective Practice.

These activities have undergone a comprehensive risk assessment and operational planning is being finalised, some have commenced while some are still in the final approval stage.

The following are Priority Three identified activities which are due to recommence from week commencing 13 July 2020;

  • Modified domestic visit programs
  • Community Corrections – face to face interviews for court report
  • Hospital Compliance
  • Food safety audit
  • Chaplaincy and Volunteers
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Psych skills.

The Department will continue to take a cautious and considered approach to the further easing of restrictions in line with identified risks and will act with ongoing vigilance to maintain COVID-19 free operations.

I look forward to continue to provide regular updates on A New Way Forward. In the meantime, if you have any questions or require further information, please email

Jackie Bray
Acting Chief Executive DCS

You can download this news item: A New Way Forward - Recommencement of Activities and Programs Update