COVID-19: Video visits for domestic visitors

Video visits are now available for domestic visitors (family and friends) across all our prisons using the Zoom application.

Please see instructions on how to install and use Zoom on your device.

In order to use Zoom, your device will need a camera and microphone.

Booking a video visit

Video visits can be booked during normal visit booking times by contacting the prison directly by telephone.​

Please visit the prison locations page and select the prison where you would like to book the visit.

The bookings officer will provide you with a ​unique meeting code to use for joining the meeting.

Video visit conditions

All visitors that have a video visit session with a prisoner must acknowledge and agree to the below conditions prior to the commencement of your visit session.

If you do not agree to these conditions then you will not be provided a video visit session. Any failure to comply with the below conditions during your visit session may result in the immediate termination of your visit as well as an initial 28 day restriction of any future visits.


  • YOU are NOT permitted to engage in any inappropriate, lewd or obscene behaviour.
  • YOU are NOT permitted to make any audio recording, video recording or take any still shots of the visit session, any prisoner or any staff member.
  • YOU are NOT permitted to enable non-approved visitors to join in the visit session.

Visitor restrictions

Online video visits have been implemented using the same policies and conditions as in-person visits.

If you are currently subject to any visitor restrictions, this will remain whilst video visits are in place.

All avenues of appeal remain the same. Please email should you require further information.

Any persons attempting to circumvent their restriction, may have their current restriction extended, with separate penalties applying to any persons knowingly facilitating a video visit including a restricted person.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we introduce this new system across our prisons. ​