COVID-19: Important information for visitors to our prisons

Vaccination requirements for all visitors and contractors

From Monday 20 December 2021, all visitors including professional visitors and contractors must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter a prison.

See list below that shows who this applies to.

Domestic visitors and prisoners have been required to have both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to attend face-to-face domestic visits since 13 November 2021.

Visitors aged 12 and above must show proof of full vaccination upon entry. No face-to-face visits are allowed for prisoners in 14-day quarantine.

Professional and domestic visits will continue to be facilitated via telephone or virtually (via Zoom) for all prisoners, including un-vaccinated prisoners and/or those with un-vaccinated visitors.

No proof – No entry

Proof of vaccination includes:

  1. Vaccination record card from SA Health
  2. COVID-19 digital vaccination certificate on the Express Plus Medicare app, mySA GOV app or Medicare online account linked to myGov app/website, preferably printed
  3. Immunisation history statement on the Individual Healthcare Identifier service via myGov app, preferably printed.

See examples of vaccination proof accepted.

Find out how to get proof of vaccination on the Services Australia website and how to add your COVID-19 digital certificate  to mySA GOV app.

All visitors will need to check in using QR code upon entry to prison. Prisoners and domestic visitors must wear surgical masks at all times during the visit.

If you are experiencing fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath, please do not attend a correctional facility.

Domestic visits are an important tool to prisoners in maintaining ties and relationship with their loved ones.

The careful easing of restrictions will protect all prisoners, their families, friends and our staff as some current restrictions in South Australia are eased.

The health and safety of our staff, prisoners, families, and the community remain our top priority.

​We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and provide updates when available.

Who does this apply to?

This applies to all visitors and contractors engaging in work or duties at a prison, including if their attendance is incidental or occasional.

Contractor means any person engaging in work or performing duties at a prison; including –

(a) cleaners;
(b) construction workers;
(c) maintenance providers;
(d) persons delivering goods to stores;
(e) persons removing items (such as rubbish);
(f) other logistics providers; and
(g) any other contractor.

Visitor means any person who enters a prison, including –

(a) domestic visitors (excluding children under 12 years of age);
(b) lawyers/legal professional;
(c) non-urgent health providers including dentists and opticians;
(d) religious and faith leaders;
(e) representatives from support groups or other government departments;
(f) social workers;
(g) volunteers; and
(h) any other visitor.

What are other ways I can contact a prisoner?

Prisoners have access to telephone facilities and are encouraged to stay in contact with family and friends.

You can also contact a prisoner by writing to them:

  • Prisoner name, ID number, and location if known
    Department for Correctional Services
    GPO Box 1747, Adelaide SA 5001.

More information

See COVID-19: Video visits for domestic visitors for further information.

See restrictions that apply for the recommencement of face-to-face visits.