Community Grants winners 2017-2018

Aboriginal Corrections Mentor Program - $40,000

by A.R.T. Services Inc

A.R.T. Services Inc will contribute to the ongoing engagement of an ‘Aboriginal Corrections Mentor’. The Mentor will work with the current 22 Aboriginal employees that have offended and/or reoffended and are at risk of losing their employment due to non-compliance in the workplace; and will offer new participants the opportunity to access training and sustain employment retention. They will provide 24 x 7 day support in issues around health and wellbeing, justice, workplace and social behaviours and housing.  A.R.T., through its industry partners, continues to maintain and develop contracts, which include the current North Terrace Tram upgrade and the Gateway.

Connections - Australian Red Cross - $39,993

by Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross will provide a mentoring program titled ‘Connections’ which will support adults who are in contact with the justice system, or exiting the justice system; to build their resilience, independence, problem solving and life skills to support a successful transition back to the community.

Participants will be matched with a trained volunteer mentor who will maintain regular contact with the participant for up to 12 months, to work on the personal and skills development goals that are identified, and develop a personal development and community engagement plan.

Be Active, Live Happy - $39,900

by Flinders University

The Flinders University ‘Be Active, Live Happy’ program will provide a behavioural activation program for Aboriginal offenders being released onto home detention or parole orders, and will focus on helping people engage in healthy activities and be connected with community. Post release, the Lifestyle Coach/Mentor will be available to promote healthy lifestyle choices within the home setting and develop connections with approved community program options.

The Program will consist of two workshops with four groups from Yatala Labour Prison, Adelaide Pre-Release Centre, Adelaide Women’s Prison and Mobilong Prison.

Raising Bars - An entrepreneurship program for women offenders - $32,100

by Harvest Fair Australia Pty Ltd

‘Raising Bars: An entrepreneurship program for women offenders’ is a collaborative program coordinated by Harvest Fair, in partnership with DCS, InspiredBUY and the Women's Community Centre of SA.  Female offenders will co-design, test and create a social enterprise that will sit under the Harvest Fair brand, which can offer a product or service to the participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The goal is to create a viable business model for which funding can be sought and potential employment offered to participants.

Connections - $31,975

by Country Arts SA

Connections’ is a pilot program developed by Country Arts SA, which is designed to develop guidelines for artists planning, delivering and evaluating arts programs that contribute to the development of creative industries within DCS. The guidelines will be trialed through an artist-in-residence program at Mobilong Prison by Ngarrindjeri visual artist Damien Shen, and modified accordingly, which will embed cultural understandings and practices for Aboriginal offenders.

The finalised guidelines will be published in hard copy and be available online on DCS, Country Arts SA and other arts organisations’ websites. The trial residency will be conducted over a four week period and will include workshops in drawing and painting (9 x3 hour sessions) with a public art outcome realised by the artist in response to the residency.

Kunga Pilot Program for Aboriginal Women in Pt Augusta prison - $27,000

by Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement Inc

The ALRM will trial a pilot ‘Kunga Program for Aboriginal women based at the Port Augusta prison’, based on the previous Alice Springs Kunga program delivered in 2015.  The program aims to work through issues relating to intergenerational trauma, wellbeing, mindfulness, resilience and self-confidence issues as they take on greater responsibility for their behaviour.The program will consist of three courses run consecutively with a maximum of 10 participants per course – total of 30 participants

Chopped Liver Tour - $15,902

by Aboriginal health Council of South Australia

The project is a partnership between the Aboriginal Health Council of SA (AHCSA) and Hepatitis SA. The project is to tour a play titled ‘Chopped Liver’ by the Ilbijerri Theatre Company, a national Indigenous Theatre Company based in Melbourne. The play explores the issues of Hepatitis C; testing, treatment, and prevention, from an Aboriginal perspective. The project will tour this play during NAIDOC Week in 2018, or the following week. The play runs for 45 minutes with a Question and Answer session of 15 minutes, and a follow up session for approximately ½ - 1 hour. This play will be performed at the Yatala Labour Prison and Adelaide Women’s Prison.

Tenancy Education Program - $15,000

by Anglican Community Care Inc

Anglican Community (AC) Care Inc will deliver a ‘Tenancy Education Program’ at Mt Gambier Prison, Mobilong Prison and Cadell Training Centre. The program will run over two days, with 10 contact hours, with a minimum of 10-16 prisoners at each prison. The program is designed to empower offenders with the skills and knowledge outlining affordable, supportive and transitional accommodation options prior to release.

Audio Induction Materials for Women Prisoners - $13,849

by University of South Australia

The project 'Audio Induction Materials for Women Prisoners' will be delivered by the University of South Australia, and will build on the success of the 2017 Mobilong Prison Radio pilot program. Through a series of hands-on workshops, prisoners will produce a short series of audio (or podcast) features to support the induction process at the Adelaide Women’s Prison (AWP). Workshops at AWP will be facilitated with a total of 24 hours contact time, for a group of 10-16 prisoners in the Living Skills Unit (LSU). The stories will focus on specific aspects of the induction process in order to inform new arrivals and support successful settlement into the prison.

Breaking Free: Towards Employment Pathways - $10,000

by Baptist Care (SA) Inc

This project ‘Breaking Free: Towards Employment Pathways’ will be delivered through a collaboration between Baptist Care SA, metro Baptist churches, Faraja and Shoulder to Shoulder. The project will deliver employment related support and work opportunities for at least five participants, which will include work experience placements for up to 24 days per participant.  Participants will be offered employment, training and work opportunities through Faraja in hospitality or through Shoulder to Shoulder in construction or carpet cleaning.

First Aid Training/Mental health Training - $10,000

by St John Ambulance Australia (South Australia) Inc

St John Ambulance will deliver First Aid training, specifically Remote Area First Aid (RAFA153) and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA152) for up to 18 Aboriginal prisoners eligible for release or offenders who are on community correction orders. The Remote First Aid course will be delivered over three consecutive days – total of 24 hours.  The Mental Health First Aid course will be delivered over two consecutive days – total of 14 hours.