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SA Prisons

There are nine prisons located throughout South Australia, four of which are in the Adelaide metropolitan area.  During 2009 - 2010, South Australia had an average prisoner population of 1 963, of whom 132 were female and 1 831 were male.

Each prison has a specific role and function within the South Australian correctional system.  The key prisoner categories include male and female, remand, sentenced, high security, medium security, low security and protection.  The South Australian prison system is designed so that prisoners progress from high to medium to low security prisons.  Progression is based on their assessed level of risk to the community, institutional risk and their level of behavioural compliance. Placement also considers the availability of intervention services and programs to address their individual needs.

The department remains committed to addressing the needs of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system. In accordance with that commitment, the department provides a range of support services to Aboriginal prisoners and staff.

There are nine prisons in South Australia, all responsible for accommodating only adult people (18+)