Violence Prevention Program

Violence Prevention Program (VPP)

What is VPP?
The Violence Prevention Program is a group based Cognitive Behavioural intervention for convicted violent offenders.

The VPP emphasises the need for violent offenders to take responsibility for their actions so they can learn alternatives to criminal behaviour, understand the effect of violent offending on victims and the community, develop skills and attitudes for a more personally satisfying life and successfully become a part of the community without re-offending. The VPP is run in prisons and in Community Corrections.

What is involved in this program?
The VPP runs between 6-9 months depending upon the risk of the individuals engaged in treatment. Groups comprise of approximately 12 offenders. Participants must have a past or current violent offence, usually combined with a past history of convictions for violent related offending (i.e. assaults, robbery, aggravated criminal trespass). However, one major sufficiently violent offence may be enough for consideration (i.e. murder) into the program.
The specific components of the VPP are:
  • Orientation and mindfulness;
  • Offence mapping
  • Cognitive restructuring
  • Emotions;
  • Relationship skills;
  • Safety planning.