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Sexual Behaviour Clinic

Sexual Behaviour Clinic - me (SBC-me) and Sexual Behaviour Clinic (SBC)

Sexual Behaviour Clinic - me 

What is SBC-me?
The Sexual Behaviour Clinic – me program is a psychotherapeutic treatment program for adult male sexual offenders with a mild to borderline level of intellectual functioning. The overall aim of the SBC-me is to reduce reoffending rates by assisting offenders in understanding their offending cycle, and by learning skills to cease offending behaviour in the future. The SBC-me utilises discussions, role plays, art and drama therapy.
What is involved in this program?
The SBC-me program will run twice per week for approximately 14 months and will be held at Mount Gambier Prison. The program is divided into 8 modules:
Module 1: Get Ready – Engagement and Introductory module
Module 2: Old Me – Explore influence of the offender’s past
Module 3: New Me and Sex – Differentiating ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ sexual instincts
Module 4: My Feelings – To identify and manage emotions, including the development of communication skills
Module 5: My Thoughts – To understand dysfunctional thinking
Module 6: Offending and New Me – To examine individual offence cycles and develop relapse prevention plans
Module 7: What Abuse Does to Victims – To learn impacts of sexual abuse on adult and child victims
Module 8: My New Me Future – To develop goals for the future and plans for management of individual risk factors
Sexual Behaviour Clinic (SBC)
What is SBC?
The Sexual Behaviour Clinic is a group based Cognitive Behavioural intervention for convicted sex offenders. The aim of SBC is to reduce reoffending rates by increasing an offender’s capacity for self-management and positive living, by promoting positive relationship skills, managing negative emotions or unhelpful thinking patterns and increasing awareness of the impact of offending. SBC is offered within the prison setting.
What is involved in this program?
The SBC program runs between 6-9 months depending upon the risk of the individuals engaged in treatment. Groups comprise of approximately 12 offenders with participants being convicted of a range of offence types; including offences both against adults and children.


The specific components of the SBC program are:

  • Self-Management
  • Cognitive Distortions and Management Strategies
  • Empathy and Victim Awareness
  • Relationships, Intimacy, and Social Functioning
  • Emotion Management
  • Deviant Sexual Fantasy and Arousal
  • Maintenance
Child sex offenders who have been sentenced to a community based order are referred to the Department of Health’s ‘Owenia House’ (formerly SOTAP) program for intervention.