Abuse Prevention Program

Abuse Prevention Program
What is the Abuse Prevention Program?
The APP is a domestic violence program which uses elements of the cognitive-behavioural therapy with an educational approach which aims to confront the beliefs and behaviours of men who abuse their partners.
These techniques include exercises, tasks, homework and skills building which are presented in 24 chapters of the workbook.
What is involved in this program?
Participants are expected to complete the tasks which the workbook sets out for them prior to attending each week and be ready to present their homework and participate. The program takes approximately 24 weeks to complete.
The topics covered include;
  • Information about domestic violence - illegal and morally unacceptable
  • Information about the characteristics of people who are abusive to loved ones and identification of where you fit
  • Voluntary participation vs mandated- understanding the reason you are in the group is because you abused someone
  • Gaining trust
  • Acceptance and Opposition (dealing with resistance to change)
  • Becoming Aware of the Problem (within your own life)
  • Relationships and Beliefs – Understanding How Injury Occurs
  • Anger and Violence: Underlying beliefs
  • How Beliefs Damage Relationships- Starting to Heal the Damage (taking responsibility)
  • Understanding the Abuse Cycle and Working on Relationships
  • Understanding and Helping Others – Exploring Your Own Values
  • Dealing With A Changing Identity
  • Identity Goals and the Inner Self
  • The Biggest Obstacle in Your Path – Setting goals and completing them
  • Making Firm Commitments – (giving up some control and letting go of power)
  • Making Peace – Peaceful Relationships Through Partnership and Equity