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Open Government (September 2013)

Disclosing Government Information Requested Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI)

The South Australian (SA) Government has decided to proactively make available, to all members of the community, information that is regularly requested under Freedom of Information (FOI).

The government acknowledges that the information it holds is a valuable public resource and is committed to being open and accountable with this information.

The government is also keen to engage with the community and encourage public participation in the making of decisions, policies and laws. Increased access to government information is a key step in this process.

SA Cabinet approved the online publication of information regularly requested under FOI in April 2013. A policy to assist the implementation of this initiative was approved by Cabinet in August 2013. Click here to obtain a copy of the policy.

The information and links on this site are relevant to the Department for Correctional Services and its Chief Executive. Information pertaining to the Minister for Correctional Services can be found at,-media-and-publications/publications

The information can be downloaded in PDF format. If you are unable to download the documents, please contact the Manager Corporate Communications, Department for Correctional Services, on 8226 9077 or email,

  • Credit Card statements
  • Mobile phone expenditure
  • Ancillary office expenditure
  • Consultant information
  • Gifts
  • Procurement information
  • Capital works information