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Yatala Labour Prison

Yatala Labour Prison is South Australia’s largest prison and can accommodate up to 468 prisoners. It is a high to medium security institution but it also accommodates low security prisoners and those in protective custody.  Yatala is the state’s metropolitan induction and reception prison for male sentenced and remand prisoners.

The department delivers a range of programs and services to prisoners at the facility, including the Sentence Management Unit (for sentence planning); education and vocational training; Core Programs; and the Sexual Behavioural Clinic.

The prison also provides for an extensive prison industry program, providing for employment and vocational opportunities in metal work; joinery manufacturing of items, such as sofa frames and bed slats; paint shop; construction materials; refurbishment of bins and containers; laundry services; and commercial catering.

Yatala Labour Prison

Peter Brown Drive, Northfield, SA, 5085
Telephone: (08) 8262 2421
Facsimile: (08) 8260 3350