Cadell Training Centre

Cadell Training Centre (CTC) provides accommodation for up to 180 low security prisoners in a rural environment, on land covering approximately 1 600 hectares. The prison focuses on major Restorative Justice Programs. Prisoners at Cadell are able to undertake employment driven education programs, from numeracy and literacy to computer programs. In addition, they are able to obtain backhoe, truck, car and forklift licences, and nationally recognised qualifications in horticulture, dairy and commercial cooking.

Cadell operates a registered Holstein-Friesian stud, and processes and packages the milk produced for use in the prison system as well as the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Cadell also operates citrus orchards, olive groves, a nursery, a irrigation unit, a garage and a workshop.

The Community Work Program at CTC utilising prisoner labour manages many projects in the local community that are non-profit. Their work benefits both the community and the prisoners in many projects that would have otherwise been difficult to have initiated, manage or complete.

The CTC Cadell Country Fire Service (CFS) is staffed with custodial staff, members of the public and prisoners that have maintained their training and level 1 and 2 qualifications, including a number of other accreditations throughout the year. During 2013 - 2014, the Cadell CFS attended 53 callouts and managed incidents including bushfire suppression, vehicle accidents, house, boat and vehicle fires, as well as preparing incidents for other brigades to manage chemical spills or accidents. The Cadell Country Fire Brigade receives commendations for their professionalism and response to incidents by SAPOL, members of the public and other CFS Brigades.

Cadell Training Centre

Boden Road, Cadell, SA, 5321
Postal Address: Community Bag, Cadell, SA, 5321
Telephone: (08) 8540 3600
Facsimile: (08) 8540 3620