Adelaide Womens Prison

Adelaide Women’s Prison has the capacity to accommodate up to 148 remand and sentenced female prisoners, with high, medium and low security ratings.  Remand and sentenced prisoners are accommodated together, a practice which is adopted in many other states around Australia. This allows available services to be equally provided to all prisoners.

The Adelaide Women’s Prison continues to employ a multi-disciplinary approach to manage the needs of female prisoners. Programs and services delivered at Adelaide Women’s Prison include crisis intervention and support services, prisoner assessment and sentence planning, Case Management, a prison industry program – including textiles, education and vocational training, and Core Programs.  There is a continued focus on Integrated Offender Management with the increased aim of involving family members and community support workers to assist in the transition process from prison back into the community.

The prison has excellent working relationships with Forensic Community Mental Health and James Nash House, to assist in the management of prisoners with complex mental health presentations.

Adelaide Women’s Prison

Grand Junction Road, Northfield, SA, 5085
Postal Address: PO Box 2042, Regency Park, SA, 5010
Telephone: (08) 8343 0100
Facsimile: (08) 8343 0141