GOVchat - Transforming Criminal Justice

23 June 2015 - 6pm-8pm - call 1800 216 506








GOVchat is a Better Together initiative that aims to facilitate engagement between Ministers and departmental staff, our customers and the general public.

Between 6pm and 8pm on 23 June 2015 lines will be open for the public to speak to decision makers about the criminal justice system including the Attorney-General, Minister for Police and Correctional Services, the Police Commissioner, the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights, Chief Executives and senior executives from the Attorney-General’s Department, the Department for Correctional Services and the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion.

This is an opportunity for members of the public to speak directly with the decision makers of our criminal justice system to get a better understanding of the sector.

It’s also an opportunity for members of the public to provide input into the Government’s criminal justice sector reform

The Government is committed to seeing improvements in the criminal justice sector and we are seeking your feedback on the criminal justice system, initiatives and issues to help inform future Government policies.

Everything learned on the night will be used in the reform process so if you have a suggestion for improvement here is your opportunity to provide feedback on:

-Sentencing and alternatives to prison.

-Your experience as a victim of crime or witness.

-Policing in South Australia.

-The correction system and offender rehabilitation.

-Youth justice.

-Where the criminal justice systems should see improvements.  

Call 1800 216 506 on 23 June 2015 between 6pm and 8pm to talk to us or tell us your feedback.

There might be times on the evening when callers are not able to get through due to the high demand. If this happens members of the public can go to the yourSAy website and provide your feedback online.

If you want to stay in the loop with reform with the criminal justice sector, you can sign up to the mailing list by emailing

yourSAy web link:

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Please click the links below to open the DCS Research documentation

 DCS Research Agenda.pdf
 Research and Evaluation Framework.pdf
 Research and Evaluation Management Committee TOR.pdf


Please click the link below to download the 2014-2016 DCS Strategic Partnerships Engagement Framework

 DCS Strategic Partnerships Engagement Framework.pdf



Information available at

Questions and answers (Q&As) relating to the Request for Proposal available here:

 BASP Request for Proposal Q&A.pdf


A message from the Chief Executive

The Department for Correctional Services has an important role in the criminal justice system in South Australia. This is reflected in the Department’s vision for:

"A safer community by protecting the public and reducing re-offending."

Most persons in custody will be released back into the community and many offenders supervised in the community following a court order will hopefully never go to prison. It is a key strategy that offenders under supervision by the Department are offered meaningful and targeted opportunities to address their offending behaviour to break the cycle of crime. This obviously needs to occur within a safety and security framework in prisons as well as for those under community supervision.

The Department employs more than 1600 staff and has responsibility for nine prisons and seventeen Community Correctional offices across the state. We strongly promote diversity and equity in our workforce, which directly contributes to greater effectiveness and better outcomes. The continued improvement of staff and organisational development is critical to achieving positive results for the community. That is our commitment. We are actively encouraging motivated people to seek a career with the Department. Please visit the employment section of this web site for relevant links to position and application information.

We are always interested to receive feedback and suggestions and are also happy to provide additional information about our organisation to interested people. Please use the “contact us” section of this site. We hope you find our web-site interesting and informative.