Annual Report 1995 - 1996

Organisation Performance

A Performance Enhancement System which revolutionised prisoner and prison management is nearing the end of a pilot at Port Lincoln Prison.

The staff-driven system identified core business, established targets and set goals to achieving them.The University of South Australia was instrumental in establishing the system.

Inspector Offender Services

The following achievements of the Inspectorate were noted during the year:


The function of the Investigations Unit is to investigate matters of concern to the Chief Executive and report on findings.

During the 1995-96 year 39 investigations were carried out.

Six staff were charged by police and two charged under the Public Sector Management Act.

Yatala Hostage Incident

The most serious incident during the year was the riot at Yatala Labour Prison on May 6, 1996 in which four staff were taken hostage.

A small group of prisoners, holding influence over a number of others, barricaded themselves into the B-Top West wing of B-Division and resisted efforts to a peaceful solution until their grievances were aired in the media.

The incident lasted approximately 11 hours during which time the hostages were assaulted.

A Departmental Review was conducted into the incident and a number of recommendations were made.

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