The Adelaide Remand Centre is now a smoke-free institute.

The then Minister for Correctional Services announced his support for the DCS Reduction in Smoking initiative on the 29 May 2015.

The DCS Reduction in Smoking Policy and Action Plan 2015-2017 builds on existing smoking reduction strategies within DCS prisons and align the Department with current government policy and community quit-smoking initiatives.

The Action Plan includes the following four key areas of focus:

  • Quit smoking education and communication
  • Smoking reduction and quit supports
  • Pricing of tobacco products and reduced supply
  • Environmental restrictions on smoking including the ARC becoming smoke-free

As a part of this initiative a smoke free pilot was undertaken at the Adelaide Remand Centre with the ARC becoming South Australia's first non-smoking institution in March 2016. This is a significant step in this Government's strategy to reduce smoking and exposure to tobacco smoke in South Australian prisons.

The initiative includes working with partners such as the Cancer Council SA - who help provide advice and information. Communication strategies include posters, newsletters and brochures available or displayed though out all prisons. Working groups were set up that involved staff, health professionals, prisoners and Cancer Council SA representatives.

The outcomes of this initiative will be evaluated and inform future smoke-free strategies.


  • Download: DCS Reduction in Smoking Policy and Action Plan 2015-17.pdf (442.2 KB PDF)