DCS Community Partnerships and awards

The DCS Community Grants

DCS is committed to strengthening strategic partnerships with community organisations through the provision of Community Grants. These grants were introduced in 2013 and aim to provide additional innovative, imaginative and creative services and programs within both the custodial and community based settings.

DCS have funded various community organisations to enhance protective factors of offenders in relation to their recidivism. Protective factors include addressing matter such as employment, health, housing, relationships, finance and budgeting, and a range of other key life skills. DCS recognises that connection to community and meaningful activity are important.

The DCS Community Grants programs should be aligned to the State Government’s Reducing Reoffending: 10% by 2020 strategy by building a safer community approach, based on preventing reoffending, by contributing to a number of strategies identified, including successful return to community, employment and industry, prioritising target cohorts and a strategy for Aboriginal offenders.

Community Partnership Awards

These awards provide the opportunity for community partners and stakeholders to be recognised for the work that they contribute toward the department.

The business or individual nominated must have an established or ongoing partnership with the department and/or its stakeholders and be able to demonstrate how this partnership benefits the community.

The past winners of our 'Community Partnership Awards' are listed in our Annual Reports on the Reports and Publications pages.