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Overview of the Department for Correctional Services

Office of the Chief Executive

The Office of the Chief Executive provides executive support to the Chief Executive and the Director of Strategic Services.  The office also includes the Intelligence and Investigations Unit.

Custodial Services
Custodial Services is responsible for the management and operation of the nine South Australian prisons, which include the Adelaide Remand Centre, Adelaide Women’s Prison, Adelaide Pre-release Centre, Yatala Labour Prison, Port Lincoln Prison, Port Augusta Prison, Cadell Training Centre, Mobilong Prison and Mount Gambier Prison, although Mount Gambier Prison is operated under contract by G4S.  Custodial Services is also responsible for the Operations Security Unit and Prison Industries.

Community Corrections
Community Corrections is responsible for the supervision and monitoring of offenders in the community on Probation, Parole, Home Detention, Intensive Bail Supervision (Home Detention Bail), Bail, and Community Service Orders (Repay SA).  

Community Corrections also provides information to the Courts and the Parole Board to assist in sentencing and/or setting the conditions of bonds and other orders. These services are provided through 17 Community Correctional Centres situated throughout the State.

Offender Development
The Offender Development Directorate is responsible for the development, management and evaluation of professional services for offenders.  

These services ensure the coordination of prisoner and offender assessments, case planning, provision of psychological services, provision of rehabilitation programs and the management of high risk, serious offenders.

Offender Development includes the services of the Sentence Management Unit (incorporating Psychological Services); Rehabilitation Programs Branch and the Offender Assessment, Programs and Planning Unit.  

The directorate implements policies and procedures to ensure that intervention with offenders occurs in a manner that is coordinated, targets criminogenic needs and promotes community safety.

Strategic Services

Strategic Services is responsible for strategic management and key services to stakeholders including the Minister, victims of crime  and the media.  

The division develops and facilitates the implementation of corporate plans, policies, processes and systems to enable the department’s achievement of Government policy. The division also measures performance and contributes to quality management, and oversees key strategic contracts with service providers.

The division comprises the Aboriginal Services Unit, Policy and Stakeholder Services, Business and Performance Services, Knowledge and Information Systems, Executive Services, the Vocational Training and Education Centre of South Australia and Corporate Communications.

Human Resources
Human Resources provide a range of services that enables the department to recruit and develop its employees to carry out the broad roles of working in Correctional Services.

Human Resources implement plans and monitor the agency’s achievements in regard to safety in workplaces, and manage industrial relations.

The division comprises Employee Relations, Injury Prevention and Management, and Organisation Development branches.  The Human Resources Directorate provides a range of services within four key areas:

  • Employing and retaining staff;
  • Enhancing job performance;
  • Occupational Health and Safety; and
  • Industrial Relations.

The departmental Human Resources Strategic Plan continues to support the achievement of the corporate objectives to enable the department to achieve excellence in the Public Service.

Finance and Asset Services
Finance and Asset Services provide budgeting, finance, accounting, procurement, risk management, insurance and civil claims management and asset management services to the entire department.

The division assists the department to effectively allocate resources for the delivery of services, monitors the financial performance of the department, and ensures Government programs and initiatives are implemented in accordance with available resources.

The division also administers the department’s capital investment program, and manages and maintains the department’s fixed asset portfolio, comprising of nine prisons and 16 community correctional centres.